View documents and graphics.  The above are file viewer windows from two instances of CiderPress.  The first is viewing a 3200-color image of an eagle, using the full palette of the original.  The second is an AppleWorks 3.0 word processor document, converted for use in Windows.  CiderPress supports many AWP formatting commands, including left and right margins, text justification, and text face changes such as bold, underlined, and superscripted text.

You can extract files in their original form or in converted form.  The eagle image extracts as a Windows BMP file, ready for use in any application that handles graphics.  The AWP document extracts in Rich Text Format (.rtf), ready for use in most word processors.  Both can be cut & pasted directly from the file viewer, or sent to a printer with the "Print" button.  You can even change fonts.