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What's CiderPress?

CiderPress provides the features that Apple II enthusiasts need to manage their disk and file archives.  Open them, view their contents, and copy files between them.  There are other programs that provide access to disk and file archives, but none have as many features or support as many formats as CiderPress.

CiderPress, introduced in March 2003, was developed by Andy McFadden and sold as shareware through faddenSoft, LLC.  The program was made free, and the source code released under the BSD license, in March 2007.  A "refresh" to modernize the code was done in January 2015.

Key features:

NEW: an updated version, called CiderPress II, is now available. Learn more at


The current stable release runs on Windows 7 and later: CiderPress v4.1.1 (12-May-2023)

For WinXP and Windows Vista, use the final version 4.0.x stable release: CiderPress v4.0.5 (24-Apr-2021)

For Win98/ME/2K, download the final version 3 stable release: CiderPress v3.0.1 (4-Jan-2009)

The installation package includes the main CiderPress app and the Multi-Disk Catalog utility (MDC).


Extensive documentation is available from the "help" menu.  A tutorial is available, with some sample files.

In addition, Walt Perko has created an animated GIF (1.8MB) demonstrating how to put a 32MB ProDOS volume onto a CF card for use with a CFFA (useful if your Apple II isn't able to format the CF card first).

Got questions?  Check the FAQ and hardware compatibility pages.

The requested features list has some ideas for future releases. See the change log to see how CiderPress has evolved over time.

Other Downloads

These install packages include CiderPress and MDC. CiderPress v3.x runs well on Win98/ME/2K/XP, but may behave a bit strangely on Vista/7/8/10. CiderPress v4.x requires WinXP/Vista/7/8/10.

The GitHub project page has the full source code, as well as places to file bug reports. Click "releases" to get sources for a specific release tag. The source for this web site can be found in the gh-pages branch.